Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Adriance House

I had the unique pleasure of meeting the owner of The Andriance House today, Debbie Dornaus. Rob and Debbie own this amazing property in the outskirts of Napa and rent it out to welcome visitors all year long! it is top of my list for people coming to valley if being located close to everything yet having the feel of being away is important! This 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath Victorian farmhouse is amazing! For more info you can always call me or you can reach either of them at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ok.... I know ive talked about it before... I met my good friends at the Solage last night to experience the "new" menu that the Solbar has... Well? I was more than impressed! Thanks Roxanne (I mean, Chuck!) ha ha... The food was fantastic.... Can't say enough about the Pork shoulder (slow cooked), Pork Tenderloin and Pork Belly with Ramen Noodles... was above and beyond!
I wanted to say congrats to Bradley for his new position! I saw you there... sorry I didn't get to say hi! Ill be back soon for some of that fantastic Maitake mushroom pizza!

Bistro Jeanty

I will repeat this more times than anyone can imagine.... If there is ONE place to eat in the valley that shouldn't be missed its DEFINATELY Bistro Jeanty! I work at Baldacci Family Vineyards on the weekends on the Silverado Trail side of Yountville and at the end of a long weekend the only thing I want to do is stop by Bistro and have Mark or Bob (Bartender's extraudinier) make me a GrayGoose and FRESH squeezed grapefruit or 3! Pictures to come! You are always greeted at the door with a smile and the food is always fantastic! I will tell you, if you ask my opinion, that this is the best place to be! thanks all for such great endings to my days!

Truchard Winery

Fun at Truchard! Wow.... what an amazing place, amazing wines and amazing people! If your looking for something imparticular and a little barrel sampling - This is the place to go! I am doing a "blind Appelation Tasting" and the last cabernet I needed was from the Carneros District.... does Carneros make a 100% cab? Why, yes they do and I found it at Truchard! When we got there the sky's had opened up and cats and dogs were falling from above... the rain was crazy but they welcomed us into there tasting room and tasted us through some pretty amazing wines! Roussanne, Tempranillo, Petit Verdot.... the list goes on and on! As you can see from the above pics... we weren't bored! That's my brother --- he always looks that way! If you want some great varietals and some good fun.... go to Truchard.... Ill be back! in fact, I know, I owe you guys some wine?! Thanks for the memories!

Family in the valley

So, Louie and I have been busy with Family and Friends for the last couple of weeks! What fun! We drove up and down the coast, tasted at lots of incredible wineries and ate lots and lots of Crab, Oysters, Clams and Mussles! Whew.... glad they have all left... I can recoup! Thanks Andrew and Christina for so much fun!
Thanks Lou for putting up with my family!

Im back!

There is nothing better than old friends coming back and new friendships developed! I am so happy that my Little Rock restaurateur and friend is back in the Napa Valley! Welcome Back Santi! Soon to be opening a new italian restaurant in downtown Napa... more to come on that front!
Pictured above is Ted Osborne and Chuck Custodio of Trahan Winery in Downtown Napa. I walked into Trahan to taste, what I had been told is one of the best 100% Petit Verdot around. I was not disappointed! Not only does Chuck make a beautiful Petit Verdot but also a Merlot and a Chardonnay. I was also beyond impressed with prior Pina Winery winemaker Ted Osborne's wines! a fantastic Petit Syrah and two very full Chardonnays. The best part about Trahan is that when you walk in you instantly feel comfortable AND you are most likely going to be sitting with one of the winemakers! Ask all the questions you possibly can.... they'll have the answers for you! I look forward to sending lots of people to them in the future and drinking lots of my favorite varietal - Petit Syrah! Thanks Ted! Oh... and congratulations Chuck on the new addition to your family!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Were On Facebook!!!

Hi to all fans! YEAH!!! because of my friend Brian in North Carolina I am now connected to Facebook via my websites blog! I don't know how anyof this works but I am surely excited about it! Please check out the website and tell all of your friends! Now that it is official - Ill be posting all kinds of info on my site as to what's going on in the valley! thanks Brian!