Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I promise you, they don't pay me to advertise for them..... BUT..... the Solbar in Calistoga is so good I can't seem to stay away! I know, I really do go in for the thin crust Maitake mushroom and 10-hour onion pizza, but I also try something new each time too! This time we tried a goat cheese and artichoke (confit) wrap that was amazing..... Oh, and we decided to end the meal with the Solbar's donut holes.... with coffee of course! actually, I slipped a bit of Fernet in - helps with digestion! I promise you will not be disappointed in anything that comes out of that kitchen.... Hi and thanks to all of you at the Solbar! Bradley Wasserman, Restaurant Manager and Sommelier is always there with a smile and a warm hello as well as Marcus and Adrienne.... can't forget to mention The sous chef's, Zach and Gustavo and Executive Chef Brandon Sharp..... Make the Solbar a definate stop on your journey to North Napa (Calistoga).
Thanks again for such great food and exceptional service!

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